Materials Recycling 
Materials Recycling

Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. (BGC) is committed to preserving the environment by recycling construction and building-type materials generated on our and our clients heavy civil construction and demolition projects.


BGC can manage Construction and Demolition debris (C&D) generated not only on our commercial and industrial demolition projects, but on those of our outside clientele as well. C&D debris is material resulting from the demolition of a structure, in part or in whole or from excess construction materials. These materials can include: brick, block, concrete, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, asphalt singles and other building-type debris.

Utilizing the services of partner company, H&K Group, Inc. (H&K), BGC has direct access to H&K’s Delaware Valley Recycling (DVR) facility in Philadelphia, PA.  DVR is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built C&D recycling facility has been BGC’s and the region’s go-to recycling center for C&D materials since 1991.


Asphalt pavement is currently the most widely recycled material in the United States today. In fact, according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), Americans use nearly 73 million tons of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) each year, which nearly doubles the 40 million tons of paper, glass, aluminum and plastic recycled each year.

Again, though BGC’s business relationship with H&K, we are also able to seamlessly manage reclaimed asphalt generated on our heavy civil construction projects and those of our outside clientele as well.

Utilizing the strength and regional coverage of our partner, H&K, BGC can manage a wide range of reclaimed asphalt materials including both chunks (larger debris) and millings at all H&K asphalt plant locations.  These Recycled Asphalt Pavement (or RAP) materials are then used in the production of new asphalt products. Utilization of RAP in asphalt pavement products lessens our country’s reliance on foreign oil sources and keeps these materials out of landfills.


As with C&D and Reclaimed Asphalt, BGC can also manage brick, block and concrete debris as generated from or on commercial and industrial demolition-type projects. BGC has the capability to manage these materials giving our extensive experience within the industry and our unique connection to H&K. Virtually all H&K’s construction aggregate (quarry) locations are permitted to accept brick, block and concrete through their Reclamation Fill acceptance program or process.

Used or recycled Brick, once crushed or processed, has been deemed a deleterious material by PennDOT and will thus no longer certify as suitable road base material.  Though not recommended for reuse, (non-painted) brick is accepted at many of H&K’s Reclamation Fill locations.

Broken concrete or block is also accepted at many of H&K’s quarry facilities.  Material without rebar or wire of manageable size is accepted at the lowest tipping fee. Larger material or material containing wire or rebar is also accepted, but at a higher fee.  We strive to produce a high-quality product that is economical and interchangeable with a quarried stone 2A material.

If your project is generating brick, block or concrete that may meet the requirements of H&K's Reclamation Fill acceptance program, please click here.


Virtually all greenfield land or virgin civil construction projects generate clearing and grubbing debris consisting of stumps, brush, and other woody materials. These materials are often difficult to handle or manage and can be critical to overall success of any greenfield land development project. Given our extensive civil contracting experience, resources and direct connection to H&K, BGC can also manage any clearing and grubbing project or the waste products associated with these activities.

All inbound clearing and grubbing materials managed through BGC by H&K are ultimately processed at H&K’s mulching facilities and recycled into natural wood mulches and soil amendments.

Though BGC and H&K can manage virtually all inbound clearing and grubbing materials, dimensional lumber/wood waste products cannot be managed or accepted.

BGC’s Sales and Estimating Team can effectively guide you through the complex matrix of materials recycling, materials handling and Reclamation Fill management process. You are encouraged to contact us today to discuss options our many options and solutions for project success.