Community Engagement 
Community Engagement


Our company’s past, present and future successes all stem from the ideals that our Founders and Executive Management Team believe in unwavering pride. Always doing the right thing is a lesson we learn at a young age, but not everyone carries this honorable behavior into adulthood, let alone the business marketplace. We here at Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. (BGC) are adamant that this principle is responsible for the legacy we have built over the past 48 years. We believe an investment in healthy relationships with the communities we operate in is beneficial for all involved.

Community Outreach

BGC aims to keep the area we serve healthy and beautiful. We are proud to offer our time, resources and effort for the benefit of others and the beautification of our spectacular Commonwealth.

Since 1997, BGC and our sibling affiliate company, Blooming Glen Quarry (BGQ), have participated in an annual Adopt-A-Highway beautification program developed by the Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Transportation and established along a two-mile-stretch of Minsi Trail between SR 113 and Rickert Road in Hilltown Township, Bucks County, PA. Litter is not just unsightly for the residents of our community; it also poses a threat to animals that may ingest it, which harms the natural ecosystem. This is just one small example of a way in which we provide simple give back to the community that we call home.
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Educational Outreach

BGC also recognizes the enormous value and potential of connecting with local youth to provide outreach, education and information on the construction industry and its vital importance to our society. Skilled representatives from BGC participate in local Bucks County, PA in-class school presentations and guided tours that make construction and construction materials education fun and informative for all who participate.

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